Do Penis Extenders Work: Scientific Review with Results

penis extender measure results

Penis extenders have received great attention in the past decade, especially since multiple clinical studies proved that several other popular non-invasive methods offered no meaningful enlargement after 6 months.

penis extender measure results

Our aim with this article is to conduct a scientific review to understand the actual results that can be achieved with a disciplined clinical approach wrt the use of a penis extender.

There have been a few detailed clinical trials conducted to ascertain the efficacy of penis extenders in lengthening the penis.

Does Penis Extender Work For Men with Short Penis [Scientific Results]

The Iranian Study on Penis Extender

An Iranian study conducted at the Urology Research Center, Sina Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2011 aimed to assess the efficacy of penile extenders. This study enrolled men who complained of “short penis”.

Patients were first measured at baseline in both the flaccid and erect states and then asked to wear the penile extender device for 4 to 6 hours per day for the initial 2 weeks.

Once they were acclimatized to the tension the device generated, the men were then instructed to wear the device for 9 hours a day until the 3rd month was completed. During the last 2 months, the men were also encouraged to gradually increase the tension of the device.

Results were encouraging. The mean flaccid length increased from 8.8 cm to 10.1 cm at the end of the 1st month and by the 3rd month it further increased to 10.5 cm.

The mean erect length increased from 11.5 cm to 12.4 cm at the end of the 1st month and by the 3rd month it further increased to 13.2 cm. There was also a minor increase in glass penis girth.

Considering the short 3 month period of the study, the results are nothing short of spectacular.

The Italian Study on Penis Extender

In another landmark clinical trial conducted at the San Giovanni Battista Hospital, University of Turin, Italy;  16 eligible patients completed a 6 month clinical study during which they wore a penis extender device for 4-6 hours a day.

Penis dimensions in both the stretched and flaccid states were measured at baseline, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months (which is 6 months after the end of the study).

After the treatment concluded (6 months), a mean overall gain of 2.3 cm in flaccid length and 1.7 cm in stretched length were noticed.

Hover or click on the graph above to see the incremental length increase at different periods.

The men were also asked to rate their satisfaction on a scale of 0 – 3. Mean scores are given below.

Question Mean score
After treatment, how would you rate your:
 Q1: flaccid penile length? 2.31 (0–3)
 Q2: penile length during erection? 2.37 (0–3)
 Q3: penile girth? 1.1 (0–3)
 Q4: your sexual life? 2.3 (0–3)
 Q5: overall result achieved? 2.8 (0–4)

The penis length increase was maintained when measured after 12 months (6 months after the treatment period), thus underlining the permanent nature of the gains.

A particularly interesting side-benefit noted in this study was the marked improvement in the IIEF Erectile Function score(19.9 vs 27.1) after treatment. The increased penis size possibly explains the improved sexual performance and satisfaction.

Summarized results of the above study is given below.

  • The gain in length was highest it the end of the 1st month and slowed during subsequent months.
  • The mean length gains in flaccid and stretched penis states were 2.05 cm and 1.30 cm in dysmorphophobic(men with insecurities about penis size).
  • The mean length gains in flaccid and stretched penis states were 2.58 cm and 2.50 cm in penises that were shortened due to surgery.
  • Changes in penile girth at 6months were negligible (+0.03 cm)
  • IIEF Erectile Function domain scores improved from a mean baseline value of 19.9 to 27.1 at 12 months

Does Penis Extender Work For Men with Peyronie’s Disease [Scientific Results]

A study was conducted by Paolo Gontero from the University of Torino in Italy to understand if penile extenders can correct curvature abnormalities in human penis.

Patients were asked to wear the penis extender for atleast 5 hours per day for 6 months. It was found that penile curvature reduced from a mean of 31 degrees to 27 degrees. There was an increase in stretched length  by 1.3 cms. This is rather low compared to other studies on penile length.

In a study conducted by Levine et al in 2008, when men with PD and failed medical therapy, used penis extender for 2-8 hours per day for 6 months, it reduced their penile curvature by 33% and an increase in stretched penis length by 0.5 to 2.0 cm. It also corrected hinge effect in all 4 men.

A combination-treatment study conducted by Michael R. Abern MD, Stephen Larsen MD, Laurence A. Levine MD attempted to understand if adding penile traction therapy (using a penile extender) to a regimen of intralesional verapamil injections (IVIs) + pentoxifylline 400 mg (oral) +  L‐arginine 1 gm produces better outcomes in men with Peyronie’s Disease.

35 patients (Group 1) received only the 12 injections and oral therapies and 39 patients (Group 2)received penile traction in addition to the injections and oral treatments. Mean PTT use was 3.3 hours per day.  Duration of the study was 24 weeks.

Results are summarized below:

  • 54% of men in Group 2 responded to therapy vs. 46% in Group 1
  • Responders in Group 2 had a mean Erect Penile Curvature improvement of 26.9 degrees vs 20.9 degrees in Group I
  • Men with >3 hours per day use of penis extender gained 0.6 cm while men in group I lost 0.74 cm of stretched penis length on average. Indication of side effects of the injections.
  • Multivariate analysis confirmed that the duration of penile traction significantly predicts stretched penis length gain (0.38 cm gain for every additional hour above the mean of 3.3 hours per day of penis extender use, p = 0.007).

Although results in the above studies are encouraging, it appears that for the purposes of penis enlargement, penile traction therapy is more effective in men without peyronie’s disease.

The reduced penile elasticity could explain why Peyronie’s Disease patients are less ideal to the elongating effects of penile extenders.

Who Will Penis Extenders Work Best For?

Penis extenders will work for most men. But the biggest change from baseline will be noticed by patients with following characteristics.

  • Men with short penises or acute phase of Peyronie’s disease(for curvature reduction).
  • Absence of calcified Peyronie’s plaque
  • Normal or Acceptable penis girth. Absence of hour-glass penile deformity
  • Normal erectile function or mild erectile dusfunction
  • Highly motivated and compliant use (minimum use of 4-6 hours per day, for 3-6-12 months)
  • Multiple treatment strategy (such as oral PDE5 inhibitors and intra-lesional injections)

How do Penis Extenders Work?

Penis extender work by stretching the penis and providing traction to the penile tissue. Most penis extenders have 2 basic components:

  • Rods or Bars which extend the entire length of the extender
  • Two fastening points, one at the base and one just around the glans.

When a user wears the penis extender he adjusts the length of the bars thereby stretching his penis. Prolonged stretching using this method stretches the penile soft tissue to potentially maximize its tissue stretch. It is also postulated that microscopic tears encourage a spurt of growth in the penis.

How to use a Penis Extender

Always read the manufacturer’s instruction before use. Here are the general instructions based on our vast experience.

Step 1: Preparation

Protect the sensitive frenulum by wrapping with a piece of cloth or gauze. Once you have used the extender you can identify any additional sore sports and wrap that area if required. This is to prevent your sensitive areas from running on the extender cradle.

Step 2: Attach one side of the strap

Assign one side of the extender strap to the extender cradle. This is to ensure that the extender stays in place when you apply the device on your penis.

Additionally, leave the strap free on the right side (towards your dominant hand).

Step 3: Place the Penis in the Extender

Hold the penis just under the glands and with with your left hand pull it towards the extender’s cradle. Once your penis is in place, simply slide the strap up and over the penis, in a comfortable place(behind the glans). Personally I like the strap well behind the glans.

Step 4: Secure Straps

Continue keeping the penis in place and push the strap through the opening on the cradle’s side and ensure that it is tightly secured.

Now with the right hand secure the other side of the strap to the extender such that there is optimum tension on the penis, such that it is held in place and the glans doesn’t slip.

Tighten the straps a few times on each side so that things remain reasonably taught, but not too tight (avoid penis skin pinch).

Step 5: Adjust tension rods

The stretch is all about sustained tension and traction. Once everything is well strapped, you should adjust the tension rods till you feel a reasonably taught stretch.

Step 6: Apply Heat

It is our opinion that heat can help keep the penis more stretchable and also allow better blood flow to the penis. This is optional, but you could apply a warm rice sock on the penis from time to time while using the extender, to provide a better environment for gains.

Our Recommendation

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