Toilet Paper Roll Test For Girth



I have often heard that the toilet paper roll test was the best way to determine your girth. Before starting on my PE journey, I decided to take this test. Got an empty toilet paper roll and inserted my dick. It went in nearly 40%. Yesterday evening, I tired the test again after some 7 months of doing PE religiously. This time, only the tip went in, that too after applying some pressure. I am happy with my efforts. To all those who say that PE does not and will not work, my answer - get the F**k off. It does work.


Can you tell us E ElEcTrIc_PlAyEr, what your girth was before? The average girth of a TP roll in the US is 5.5”. You have to take away something for the cardboard thickness. So anybody who says their girth is 5.5” as it did not fit into the TP should assume that their girth is 5.35 or a little less.


I have used different brands across the world, and I feel the US roll is a little thinner. The size of the Scottish toilet paper roll is 5.5”. I have come across another TP roll that has 5.75” circumference. I think that TP rolls vary between brands as well as countries. IMO, the best way to measure your girth is a tape. It will give you accurate measurements.


I think we should not even consider it as a test. IMO, the TP roll test is basically to measure whether the girth is 5” or more. I know mine is 5.75” because I use tape. I do not save any toilet paper roll just to check whether my girth is 5” or more. I think this thread is a waste of time.

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I have noticed a thing about toilet paper rolls. While the toilet papers are shrinking in size, the cardboard tubes are getting bigger. So the TP girth test will need to be measured again. If you ask me, the bigger the tube, the more the exercise, and more fun.


Popping my head to add something.

If anyone has noticed, the outer circumference of a TP is 6”. The inside is probably 5.7” to 5.8”. If you have sex, your partner will not feel that this is only 5.8” or 5.75”. She will feel it as a 6” only.

My penis is flatter, so when I insert into a TP to test my girth, it will touch my girth, but there is space between the top and bottom. Also, my girth is 5.5,” and it will just about touch the sides. When I have sex, my GF says she feels it is full inside. So, the conclusion is …….

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I started the TP roll test about 20 years back. At that time, all of us believed that the circumference of the TP roll was 5” or thereabouts.

As years passed on, the sneaky manufacturers started experimenting with size and started manufacturing TP rolls that were bigger, the papers OTOH began shrinking. Now, the average outer circumference range is 5.4” to 5.75” inches.

But in my times, a man’s dick was big if he couldn’t fit through the 5” circumference. I think the bar has been raised now.