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Hey guys,

I came across an amazing site while searching for some tips on ball pumping - tigerpumping.net.

I am not a shill, but I did find the site to be excellent. Mind you, the site has some explicit images, so make sure you access it in a safe place (not in the office and when other family members are not around)

Has anyone in this forum visited the site? If yes, your feelings about the website. Also, can someone tell any other links for ball pumping?

WaYnE kInG

Hey…how you doin'?

That's one crazy pumping shit site that I've come across. This is the way you SHOULD NOT do ball and dick pumping. It can result in long-term damage to both your dick and balls. What is being paraded around on the site is not gains, but testicular and penile edema. You make gains only by small and steady low-pressure sets. And it is something that takes a lot of time and patience.


I find this site very funny. The main reason being – tigerdave has himself said that he has never seen success after so many years of pumping. So, why in the fuc***g world is he telling others to follow his path? It just doesn't make sense.


Hi C cristo,

If you are interested in stretching your balls - a routine that does not involve long-term damage to the dick or nuts - then you can visit a site called bignaturaltesticles…..(the forum does not permit posting the link).

You can also do a simpler version –search for manual testicular stretching on the internet, and you will get some good sites.

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Hey looser_Bad21 looser_Bad21,

I think you missed the point. C cristo was talking about ball pumping and not ball stretching. There is a hell lot of difference between them.

C cristo, I have visited the site you mentioned, and I believe it is nothing but shit…do not follow that. If you want a simple yet practical guide, then you can follow the Bagman's pumping guide. It is useful. Also, if you're going for ball pumping, then I'd suggest going for superior quality devices. Many fake devices are floating around, and using them can end up damaging your crown jewels.


I am not a shill, but I did find the site to be excellent.

Man, how can you be so dumb? The site does not provide any guidance on pumping sets…IMO, this is a site for the freak show. If you follow these, then you surely are gonna end up in the hospital for a prosthetic ball and dick…

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