Pornstar Dick Measurements: Fake or Real?



Few days back, I saw a webpage with digitally measured penis sizes of several porn stars. While many have average penises, most of the so-called monster cocks were nothing but fakery. While the forum does not allow me to post external links, but I thought it is an excellent way to start a debate. My question is:

Are the pornstar dick measurements fake or real? I believe it is 60% fake and 40% real.


I believe about 90% of it is fake. Remember, we are talking about an industry whose foundation is built on fakery—fake moaning, clever camera tricks, and what not. Those who watch porn films regularly might have noticed that the girls/women in the movies are thin and shorter in stature. This makes the guy look bigger and his cock a monster. Also, most of the camera angles are either from top or behind the ass of the guy, which makes us feel that he has a huge dick.

Fakery and exaggeration is essential to this industry for obvious reasons…


These measurements are entirely fake. I am against having a large-sized penis because it is a fact that a woman cannot handle a penis which is more than 18 cm, and some cannot even hold it. A normal-sized penis will easily move in and out of the vagina and will result in good sex and better orgasm.


Real measurements of some porn stars:
  • Nacho Vidal - 17x16 cm
  • Bruce Venture - 18x13.5 cm.
  • Chris Diamond - 18.5x15.5 cm
  • Danny D - 22x15.5 cm
  • Lexington Steele - 21x16 cm!
  • Jack Napier - 22x17 cm
  • Short Mac - 18x19 cm (after penile implant)
  • Frederick Lamont (Mandingo) - 23x16 cm!
These measurements can act as a benchmark for those who are into PE and want to reach their desired goal.

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I will not get into this debate. I believe we should only aim what can get.

If our body design does not naturally allow the growth of the penis beyond a limit(with mild jelq), then we should not force it further. Remember, excess of anything is harmful, and if we put too much pressure on our penis, then it might end up getting injured or permanently damaged, and that is not something we can even think about.

Big and monster cocks are good to see in those clips, but there are many practical difficulties when it comes to using them. A woman might not be able to take your monster cock in or even give a good blowjob. If that's the case, then what's the use of it all.

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