Jelqing For Length Increase



Confession straight off – I suck when it comes to PE. I am a lazy bum who needs a extraordinarily good reason to do something that takes some effort.

My PE routine only involves jelqing since I have been told by many jelqers that it alone can help increase length. At the other end are jelqers who claim that jelqing and stretching are essential for length increase. And then finally there are jelqers who will stretch at the end of a jelqing session.

My question to experienced jelqers out there is only this – will jelqing excluding stretching - either separately or at the end of PE session - help achieve the length increase.


AFAIK, if you want to increase your penile length, then stretchingis essential too. The penis tunica (fibrous envelope which extends the entire length of the corpora cavernosa peni ) is a tough tissue and requires a plenty of pressure, which jelqing can provide. Ligaments are much easier to stretch. I might be wrong. But including both stretches and jelqs will help in gaining length quicker.

K Kastiel, try JAI stretches. In this, you needn’t hold it for an extended period, and you do get an excellent stretch of your penis.


Stretching is an integral part of jelqing. To answer @Kastiel’s question - yes, they do help in gaining length.

K Kastiel, there are several videos out there which will show you some very good stretches and proper techniques to do them. My favorite is the V-stretch. I have seen good gains from it.

An important thing to remember is that jelqing with stretching has to be done for atleast a year if you want to see real permanent benefits.


I do not know why people want to waste their time on jelqing and stretching. PE exercises are a waste of time. The gains which many boast of are all temporary gains and will vanish once you stop jelqing.

Whatever happens in our body is already decided in our genes. Unless there is a change in our genes, there is nothing much that we can do.

All these stretching exercises, as well as using devices like pumps and extenders, will result in only temporary gains. I hope good sense dawns on all, and everybody involved in PE starts spending their time on more productive things.


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