Aging and shrinking penis



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I am writing this post to see if what has happened to me is part of the normal aging process. My flaccid length and girth have increased while my erect length and girth have deceased. I am 75 years old The comparison below is from age 35 to age 75.

Flaccid length 4" to a bit over 5" .
Flaccid girth 3 3/4" to 4 3 /4" .
Erect length 6 3/4" to 6"
Erect girth 5 3 /4" to a bit over 5"

Erection is less rigid.

I'm 5'10" and weigh 155 about the same weight as I was at 35

Is this normal? Should I expect more shrinkage?

My wife and I are still very sexually active, 2-3 times a week.

Thanks in advance


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Your shrinkage is probably due to the penis not getting as engorged as before. Perfectly normal post 60. If you have a good sex life at 75, you are already above the norm, so congratulations. Are you on Viagra/Cialis?

I take Cialis 10mg as needed a few hours before sex. I do wish it would give me firmer erections. I don’t really care about my loss of length and girth but I do miss the firmness. My wife has an extremely snug vagina and firmness is vital to enter her but we get it done with perseverance.