23 year old thinking about getting a penile implant. Any advice?



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I am a 23 year old student in the UK and have decided to get a penile implant. You might be wondering why. Basically I have suffered from a condition known as PSSD (Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction) since I was 18. For those of you who don't know this is a condition in which the sexual side effects from taking antidepressants do not go away despite discontinuation from the medication. My sex drive is fine and healthy along with my ability to ejaculate and orgasm however I struggle to get and maintain an erection. Over the years I have seen many doctors, specialists and medical practitioners. I have tired many treatments and remedies to no avail. These treatments include medications, injections, pumps and more. I have been chasing the implant surgery for a while and I have finally been offered it by Professor David Ralph in London.

Now that I have been offered the surgery I am somewhat conflicted with that type of three piece implant I should go for. I had my heart set on the Titan Coloplast as I was told it offers the best rigidity however surgeon told me they all offer similar rigidity but the titan is not ideal for when it is in a flaccid state. He then pointed my attention to the AMS and a new implant called Rigicon. He told me/showed me that the Rigicon can increase length and girth and unlike the titan this implant comes with a lifetime warranty (meaning I will never have to pay for implant itself again and only the cost of the surgery and the titan comes with only a 10 year warranty) Below are some questions and concerns I have. I would greatly appreciate any advice you will be willing to give me. Thanks!

Does anyone have a Rigicon implant? How is it?

I was told by my surgeon the way they measure the size of your implanted penis is by stretching out you flaccid penis as much as possible before putting the implant in. However I heard that some doctors will use Caverject or Invicorp to measure your erect penis size and make a custom implant based on that. Which one is true? Does it depend on the surgeon? (originally I was going to have the procedure done my Dr Eid in New York and this is what he told me, I didn't get the surgery with him because I couldn't afford it)

Does anyone have any opinions on Professor David Ralph? Has anyone had the surgery from his clinic?

I was told people my age have been given the surgery and are satisfied, if you are in my age group tell me about your experiences? And even if you are not in my age group and are older I will still be intrigued to heard about your experience with a penil implant.